You Raise Me Up – Selah

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pricila says:

can you please ony put music with out voise

Pam says: much meaning!!! This is a great song. Awesome, awesome song. It is truly sung from the heart. Thank you Shelah! You too are awesome! Praise the Lord for his grace and love.

merusetou kin says:

thanks for this inspirational song…..i feel comfort whenever listen to this song,i feel completly relax too..praise God Amen

dan says:

i have been told most of my life that i wouldn’t amount to much . my father was cruel to me as a child . for many years i’ve struggled with my vision of God. i’ve been waiting for my heavenly father to show me how worthless i really am. this song reminds me that my heavenly father isn’t like my earthly father. he is an ever present help in a time of need. his thoughts for me are good and not evil and his strength is made perfect in my weakness.

Shannon Stodola says:


Jessica says:

I love this song, because it makes me cry….
I love this song because it reminds me of the miraculous things that the Lord God has done for me.
I love song because…it raises me up =’]

Tim Littleton says:

For years I have struggled with many complicating things, mostly stress, anxiety, and recently panic attacks. When I listen to Selah’s version of this song it fills me with hope that God is here to help me overcome the greatest of odds including my mental issues. I am a 19 year old male with two kids and a very naggy wife but I try my best to hold on to God’s promise that he will take care of me and my family if we only have faith. All in all this is a very beautiful song that will stick with me until the day God takes me home.

Suchitha says:

This beautiful song reminds me of God’s promise and his assurance in all situations
“But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

Hope says:

Kainos i do very much beleive that it was written in a christian context because selah is a group that specialise in christian songs. On the other hand it basically depends on what you would like your interpretation to this song to be. I personally dedicates it to GOD and i can also dedicate it to my grandmother for being that special person. I hope you understand.

Kainos says:

Was the song written with “God” as “You” or just some nice person in mind? I did a bit of research but still not sure if Brendan Graham wrote the lyrics from a Christian point of view or not. Does anyone know?

Shannon Stodola says:

I believe he was talking about God.

Hope says:

Iam one person that really loves this song because it talks of the fact that every bad situation that arises along our journey in life is a mountain or a stormy sea and no matter how tall that mountain is, GOD will always raise us up to solve that particular problem.
Sometimes the song makes me cry because it really touches me that much..
If their is anyone who is in a fix right now just remember to count your blessings and lean only on GOD. I love the original from josh groban and i also love this version which was done by Selah. Keep up the good work.