Redeemer – Nicole C Mullen

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Who taught the sun where to stand in the morning?
And who told the ocean you can only come this far?
And who showed the moon where to hide till evening?
Who’s words alone can catch a falling star?

Well I know my redeemer lives
I know my redeemer lives
All of creation testifies
This life within me cries
I know my redeemer lives

The very same God
That spins things in orbit
Runs to the weary, the worn and the weak
And the same gentle hands that hold me when I’m broken
They conquered death to bring me victory

Now I know, my redeemer lives
I know my redeemer lives
Let all creation testify
That this life within me cries
I-I-I know my redeemer

He lives
To take away my shame
And he lives
Forever I’ll proclaim
That the payment for my sin
Was the precious life He gave
But now He’s alive and there’s an empty grave!

And I know
My redeemer lives
I know
My redeemer lives
Let all creation testify
That this life within me cries
I-I-I know my redeemer

I know
My redeemer lives
I know my redeemer lives
I know my redeemer lives
He lives
He lives
*I spoke with him this morning!*
He lives

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37 Responses

  1. Esther says:

    My God always lives

  2. modile says:

    I cant help it every time i hear the son,this song touches me deeply. No weapon formed against me shall prosper for as long as my redeemer liver.Nicole C Mullen you are a god send*

  3. emily says:

    no matter the circumstances our redeemer live and it because of us that he lives

  4. Shamilla Naitram says:

    this song is full of strong embracing meaningful words to really believe that my god is not dead he has risen from the tomb and is alive to protect me from harmful devil temptations in my life and i love him so much

  5. Shamilla Naitram says:

    this song inspires me to follow my dreams

  6. peter ken says:

    i veryvery like this song , when i heard this song i cant control my self to cry , bcoz this song is for GOD .. GOD is so very powerful , every time we need him , he is there !! I LOVE GOD .. God you are so powerful ..

  7. Josevata says:

    I absolutely love this inspiring powerful song.

  8. Rita Rose says:

    I love Inspiring ,uplifting,christian music.At this time in my life I need to be able to find sites such as this ,that will play music such as these . Thank you ,and have a BLESSED DAY ,RITA GERALDIN ROSE

  9. Barbara Asamoah says:

    yes! what shall we say then?if GOD is for us,who can be against us.indeed my redeemer lives.this song has granted me a divine hope that i can’t even tell.Infact there’s never a day,i don’t sing this song and it has be a blessing to me a lot.

  10. alexis says:

    Amazingly inspirational song! It makes me cry every time I hear it.. praise be to God!!

  11. Elizabeth Kargbo says:

    Anytime I listen to this song, its reminds me of the goodness of God in my life. indeed my redeemer lives

  12. mercy nwafor says:

    any time i listen to this song, it remind of the “passion of christ”.i just can’t controll myself cos it makes me cry.Anytime am facing challenges,i sing this song so that i will b remembered.Lord have mercy.

  13. Leslie Garth says:

    To know that he is awesome enough to live through me and all of us who allow him to come into their life is priceless. I know he lives because he lives in me. I try each day to more like him. I love him. He lives when I look in the mirror

  14. Kaeleigh says:

    I actually performing interpretive dancing ( sign language ) in the talent show for my College on May 4th 🙂

    Live . Love. God.

  15. Tasneem says:

    I first heard this song at a funeral 5 years ago and it made such an impact on me that to this day it inspires me and I have shared it with so many others.Powerful stuff

  16. jahnesta says:

    im goin through sumting difficult in my lofe,and though im praying im doubting bt this song made me cry bcuse im ashamed to ave thought so.his always there with n i hadnt realised tht he loves me and i love him..forgive me father……

  17. jean roland altidor says:

    very nice i like it may god bless you so much

  18. Angie from New York says:

    I just want to fall on my face and cry out to my lord,
    whenever i listen to this song.

  19. cindy says:

    this song is so powerful, it lifted my spirit.. continue to minister thru music i know that this could touch many lives. i’m so blessed coz i know that my redeemer lives. God bless.

  20. Ferdiey says:

    It was so good to listen and meditate with this magnificent song for the Glory of our Redeemer. This one is my fave song of Nicole Mullen and She is very talented enough to make a song like this. I love this song…

  21. sheillah nyahwedegwe says:

    hey i am sitting by the couch and its 1:13am and u know i could sit hear till morning listening to this song ….wow…..MY REDEEMER LIVES FOR SURE… jus awed by the way Nicole put the words together ……God bless u dear and let Him give you increased Knowledge, Wisdom

  22. opadokun mercy says:

    your song:my redeemer lives is a pointer to the fact that there is a God that lives and will not forget us in times of trouble.It also reminds me that he is a father.

  23. lei says:

    Thank you I needed that and I am so grateful that he lives!

  24. Deborah says:

    This song is a powerful song and a true blessing to hear Nicole sing it. God has given her the talent to sing this song the the way He intended it to be sung. Just as God gave me a talent to use sign language to music and woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to learn this song. It is truly a powerful song and I count it a privilege when God brings these songs to me to sign. God bless you richly Nicole.

  25. bonciana says:

    The song is a blessing to me.Life has been hard in
    university-with fee problem but the song gives me
    hope that my redeemer is there and he will make a
    way for me.God bless you Nicole.

  26. Deanna says:

    Nicole, this is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I am a huge music lover, all types of music and recently I’ve been discovering contemporary Christian music, this absolutely touched first my heart and then my soul, with the amazing orchestration behind your angelic, yet soulful vocals. It lifted my spirit and the video is beautiful too.

    I am a singer too, and will learn this song, I can’t hit the high register but I’ll try. Thank you!

  27. adeline formosa says:

    I am 61 years old and have temporary custody of 3 grandchildren the oldest turned 6 July 3rd. One of them has autism and he is the apple of my eye. I haven’t been able to attend Sunday services as before because of these 3 boys but nonetheless the Lord has been with me. I have been unemployed for 11 months, as a result of the company being sold to a much larger company located out of the country. Looking for a job is not easy as there are few openings and many applicants. Just this week I have had some kind of a growth on the back part of my leg and as a result I can barely sit comfortably. Yet and Still I KNOW MY REDEEMER LIVES. I am sitting here in my keyboarding class and was moved to look up the lyrics to this song and here I am. Just wanted to express my thanks for the AWSOME reminder that My REDEEMER LIVES.

  28. Ann says:

    This song is so powerful that it truly speaks to your most inner Spirit. The words are life speaking that tears fall because throughout this life you know that you have a Savior that loves you so much that he died just for me and you. Yes, My Redeemer truly lives because I could not make it through day without knowing that I have someone who loves me unconditionally. Even tho I lost my Dad and my Mom and I still have a Father who loves me. Thank you for such a powerful song that truly ministers to my soul.

  29. shawty says:

    this song is so powerful and yes i know my redeemer lives

  30. ANN says:



  31. Karen says:

    I know that I need her music in my life to survie because I love her voice and with her i can make the day along iwth my wounderful daughter that the Lord has gave me. I love this song and all og her so thank you for being there when i need you even know that it is only throught the radio. Karen

  32. Trey Morgan says:

    I absolutely LOVE this song.

  1. June 4, 2007

    […] Nicole C Mullen’s My Redeemer Lives which, inspired by the book of Job, is a reminder – if any were needed – that unlike any other faith, as Christians we have a living Saviour. “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been thus destroyed, yet in my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see for myself, and my eyes shall behold, and not another. My heart faints within me!” (Job 19:25-27 ESV) […]

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