Hosanna – Hillsong

From the Saviour King album, lead vocal is by Brooke Fraser


I see the king of glory
Coming on the clouds with fire
The whole earth shakes
The whole earth shakes

I see His love and mercy
Washing over all our sin
The people sing
The people sing

Hosanna in the highest [x2]

I see a generation
Rising up to take their place
With selfless faith
With selfless faith

I see a near revival
Stirring as we pray and seek
We’re on our knees
We’re on our knees


Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like You have loved me

Break my heart from what breaks Yours
Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause
As I walk from earth into eternity

[Chorus x2]

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3 Responses

  1. I like the hill song
    so much.everyday I played to music with hill song

  2. Jean-Daniel Labrie says:

    She’s one of my favorite christian singer ! I also love that song … Brooke Fraser is so talented ! As Roberto said, I love the part where they sing “Break my heart for what breaks Yours” … Wow, such a blessing ! All I can say is Amen !!

  3. Roberto M. says:

    This song, this video and this group of singers, specialy whith the song HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST, is still been of a lot of blesing to my life, my serching of God´s caracter and help me to love him more stronger than I had!

    The frase Heal my hart and make it clean…uff that chorus was incredible, there is no daubt that she (Brooke), had a Gift of God in his leeps, in his soul, and sourund her! That is true, God Bless all the hillsong group!!!

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