Where are you at?

“He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” – Col. 1:17 (NIV)

Where are you at today? Is it a good day? Is it a bad one? Is it one where you found it incredibly hard to get out of bed? Did you wake up this morning glad that today had finally come? Where are you today?

Now, where’s your heart today? Is it burdened by the cares of this day? Is it singing and dancing for sheer joy? Is it hurt and wondering how to go on? Is it tired and just wants to rest or stop or get off this crazy track you’re on?

Where’s your God today? Is he relegated to some small space, tucked away until you arrive at church? Or your small group? Was he left at home? Or was he your first thought this morning? Is he perhaps front and center? Does he feel near to you or far away?

The answers to all three of these questions are highly important. Think them through. Be realistic about the answers. Be truthful about the answers. The answers matter because they reflect the condition of your soul.

If your life, your heart, your trust in God is less than perfect today take a moment to look at where you are – physically, mentally, spiritually. When was the last time you crawled into the arms of your Savior and let him simply love you? When was the last time you took his direction when it comes to your life, your schedule, your worries? When was the last time you cried to Jesus and listened in return?

If your life is filled with music, laughter and joy – if your life is overflowing with love and your heart is dancing – are you there with Jesus? Have you included him, thanked him, experienced it all with him?

In this life, we tend to look anywhere but where there is life. We look to materialistic things, to medications and to other people to fill the God-shaped hole in our lives. We fill our lives with many things and forget to give thanks to the one who has provided all good things for us. We look to ourselves, to this world, anywhere but to the ONE who has given all so that we might live.

Today, I challenge you to turn to Jesus – be it a great day or a rotten day – but look to Jesus to live. Look to Jesus and remember that he died so that you might live – really live. Sing to him, dance with him, cry on his shoulder, crawl into his lap – for there is where you will find real life. He doesn’t promise golden sun all the time – the rains will come – but he does promise to hold you, dance with you, cry with you, laugh with you through it all. Do life with Jesus today and live abundantly!

Bringing It Home:

1) Take a few moments to center yourself in Jesus right now.
No matter what your day has been like so far – take a few moments and put Jesus front and center.

2) Now have a conversation with him – let your heart speak and listen. Let your heart be in touch with its creator and savior.

3) Today, look for ways to include God in your everyday. Make an effort to keep him a part of your entire day – thank him, praise him, ask him for help – but allow him to be part of your day.


Lord, wherever I am today, I want you to be a part of my entire day. Let me laugh with you today. Let me walk with you, sing with you, praise you, thank you – let me cry with you, be held by you today. Let my life be lived in you – that I might know the incredible peace that comes from living with you. In your name and power I pray, Jesus…Amen.

Jane Jebsen, Adult Discipleship Minister
Joy! Lutheran Church, Gurnee, IL

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