Reaching Out With Care

“You’re blessed when you care. At the moment of being `care-full,’ you’ll find yourselves cared for.” – Matthew 5:7 (The Message)

What does it mean to live on this side of the Resurrection? It means to care for others and their needs. To be “care-full,” to be filled with care, one must first make room. Jesus calls us to care for others as we care for ourselves. I believe there are two reasons why we fail to make room in our hearts and minds for others.

Sometimes we fail to make room to be “care-full,” because we are centered on self. We get so concerned with our own needs, that we simply don’t have room to take on the needs of others. We tend to see our needs as the greatest and most urgent. Theologians call this “hubris” or excessive pride.

Sometimes we fail to make room to be “care-full,” because we look out at the world and see so many people with so many needs, that we become “fear-full,” that if we start to care, we will be overwhelmed and will not be any good to any one person.

We are called to trust the promise of Jesus, that when we do empty ourselves of self-centered ways, and the fear of being overwhelmed with the needs of others, we will be filled with the care and love which comes from God. This can produce a blessing for both those we care for and for ourselves as well. We need not think of ourselves as martyrs who care for others at the expense of themselves. Scripture tell us that it is in giving that we receive, and in receiving that we are healed.

In his book, Confessions of a Grieving Christian, Zig Ziglar writes: “No matter who we are, and no matter how we are feeling or what we are going through, God can still use us to minister His love and care to another person. That is a wonderful and awesome mystery of God. He chooses to use us to help others, and in the process, bring greater healing to ourselves.”

Bringing It Home:

1. Identify one person you know who needs your care.
2. Pray that God will give you the strength to empty yourself.
3. Reach out and care for that person this week.


Lord Jesus, you emptied yourself, becoming human and dying on the cross, that I might have life. You rose again and now live as the glorious Lord of heaven and earth, and yet you care for a sinner such as I. Thank you for your love and care. Help me to reach out and share that love with others. AMEN.

John A. Holm
Transforming Church Institute

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