My First Christmas in Heaven

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Michelle Combs says:

This poem My First Christmas in Heaven is so very very special to me.
Before my dad died i prayed and did all I knew how to reach him to win him to the Lord. Even on his death bed I did not give up. I encouraged my dad, not knowing if he heard me. , I told him to listen for the voice of Jesus and to go with Him. That his sins have been forgiven. I would sing Jesus Loves you this I know. over and over again. When He died I asked the Lord to let me know if He made it to heaven. He did in His Word. But also about 6 months after his death. I was in a store just looking around and reading all the inspirational cards and stuff. Then I got down on my Knees to read a plague that was made out of glass with this very poem etched into the glass. and the very end it with signed “from George” Now George was my dad’s name.
God was so good so show me this very special poem but then for it to be from George meant more than words could say. I bought that plague for my mom. She was over joyed just like I was.