Dying To Self Daily

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Keith Visser says:

Thanks Bill,

Thank you so much for this!! I have this book marked on the computer and re read it everyday as a reminder to myself and to God whom I serve…not i but Christ who lives in me…so thanks again!!!

A brother In Christ


Sam Mongare says:

Dear Mr. Keller,
Thanks for your fearless article above. We had a lengthy talk about what it meant to die to self-at first Men asked if you are an Engineer do you quit and just follow Christ-then the word came to me at night saying no -its all the negative emotions that i carried that characterised my life before I met the Lord, envy,selfish ambition, procastination, fear, male/tribal/class/racial chauvenism,unbridaled appetites, misdirected cravings,bitterness.
We are to die to all these emotions daily systematically its a life long proccess.